How To Embrace Your Beauty Today

Even though most days I feel pretty good about myself, every once in a while I’ll have a real down day and my self-esteem will be super low. I’ve learned not to dwell on these feelings, and to help them pass by doing activities that help me embrace my sense of beauty.

Plan New Outfits

Sometimes, when I’m feeling blah about myself, I coordinate new outfits. Once I start playing around with forgotten favorites and unexpected accessories, I remember how much joy I take in aesthetics. Plus, I get to enjoy being creative while also planning for beautiful days to come.

Take A Long Bath

Sometimes we go to long without spending time with our bodies and we forget how beautiful we really are. A long hot bath helps me appreciate my physical self while also releasing built-up tensions. Of course, I always use a bath bomb if I have one, and just spend time soaking my cares away and centering myself.

Get A Quick Workout In

Exercise releases neurotransmitters that help you feel happier and more self-confident, and those effects are almost immediate. Both running and yoga help me feel strong and beautiful. I prefer running when I want to clear my head and yoga when I want to connect with my body. Either way, I love how a post-workout glow makes me look and feel.

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