Learn How To Impress Anybody With Your Fashion

When I wished moved to Cali, I was so intimidated by how fashionable everyone seemed. I felt super out of place and really didn’t know how to put together the kind of look that catches everyone’s eye. Now that I’m 30 and fabulous, I’ve learned a few things about confidence and fashion. Hopefully, they will help you impress others (and yourself) with your exquisite taste.

Start Paying Attention To What You Like

When I first got interested in fashion, I honestly didn’t even know what I liked. I started paying attention to outfits that caught my eye. I quickly realized I really liked a lot of vintage and vintage-inspired looks, especially ones with bright, floral prints. Then, I started browsing fashion magazines. I even cut out outfits I liked and made my own style dream boards to inspire my fashion journey. Finally, I got inspiration from fashion bloggers and style mavens online. They gave me lots of creative ideas and introduced me to a new community of artistically minded fashion friends!

Dress For Who You Are

Another lesson I had to learn was that just because I liked the way an outfit looked didn’t mean that it was right for me. Lots of trendy outfits looked great online or on the rack but didn’t do anything for me personally. I needed to find outfits that flattered my shape and coloring. I have brown hair and blue eyes, so pastels look great on me but certain bright yellows make me look washed-out. I also needed outfits that fit my active, social lifestyle.

Be Bold And Experiment

If you ever watch runway shows, you’ll notice that the most exciting designers create bold, unusual looks. Although their avant-garde designs are usually too much for daywear, don’t be afraid to follow their example and experiment a little. Following the trends is easy, but when you start creating the trends then you’ll know that your outfits are impressing your peers.

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