Top Tips On How To Be A Hot Girl

Everybody (myself included) wants to be a hot girl. Now, I am a strong believer in body positivity and personal confidence but I also know that feeling hot can really help you believe in yourself and help you attract others. Being hot isn’t just about achieving a particular body type, but there are ways you can feel like the best, hottest version of yourself.

Take Care of Yourself

You can’t be a hot chick unless you’re taking care of yourself. Then you’re just a hot mess. I speak for myself here for sure. When I don’t sleep enough, eat right, or exercise regularly, I don’t look and feel myself. Skincare is another important step for me. I try to make my skincare routine fun by listening to my favorite music while I do face masks and moisturize. Beauty basics are the foundations of hotness.

Take Time For Style

Life can get busy and it can be easy to fall into a fashion rut. You can be cute even if you wear the same jeans and t-shirt combo every day but the hot girl is always flaunting her style.

Take Time To Go Out

What’s the point of being a hot girl if you don’t take the time to go out and enjoy yourself? If you always plan fun looks for your outings, you will definitely have a reputation for being stylish. Plus, action shots are so much cooler than bedroom mirror selfies. You put effort into project hotness, now it’s time to mix and mingle so everyone can see.

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